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Arteclettica is the business name of the international artist team of Dominic Panziera and Daniela Garofalo. Their work includes Integrated Site Specific Public art, Mixed media, Mosaics, Sculptures, Murals, Portraiture, Paintings, Interior Design.

Arteclettica embraces the idea of the complementarity of the Arts. It is the uniqueness of a piece of art, stimulus of imagination and creativity, which enriches our existence. They are striving towards a global art, respectful of the past, projected to the future, thought out from the smallest detail. They endeavor to honor our surroundings and all people, our environment, creating something not anonymous, taking inspiration from the site, stories, nature, people and events.

Their completed Public Art Projects include Mixed Media Mural, Truckee, CA, a Sculptural Bench for the 7 Seas Park, Sunnyvale, CA, an interior 3D Mural for San Francisco, CA, two exterior Mosaic Floors for the City of Riverside, CA, three commissions for the City of Reno, NV, including one for the Municipal Courthouse, a commissioned artwork for the promotional materials for “Reno is Artown”, two mixed media pieces for the North Tahoe Middle School in Tahoe City, CA, and two designs used for mosaic columns in a subway station in Rome, Italy.


They have also been included in Pre-qualified Artist Pools for Public Art Projects in the state of MD, New York City. NYPhoenix and Tucson, AZ; Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, Palo Alto, Tustin, and Dublin, CA; KirklandSeattle, and WA state, WA; San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth, TX; Reno, NV; Minneapolis and City of Ann Arbor, MN; Monroe County, Florida Gulf Coast University, Ocala, FL; Columbia, .


They have been selected as Finalists for Public Art Projects in Washington DC, Sarasota, Miami and Tampa FL; Alberta, CANADA; Durango, CO; Oklahoma City, OK; Providence, RI; Raleigh and Wake Forest, NC; Mountain View, Laguna Beach, Santa Clarita, Newport Beach, San Diego, Dublin, Palo Alto, Fresno, Long Beach, Campbell, San Ramon, Palm Desert and Claremont, CA; Reno, NV; Cedar Rapids, IA; Perugia and Naples, ITALY; in Scottsdale and Peoria, AZ; in Redmond, WA..


Their Work for Private Owners include a Sculpture (in progress) in Piedmont, CA, Showroom and Home design, Mosaics, and Sculptures in Truckee, CA, Mosaics in Sacramento and Corona Del Mar, CA, and Paintings and Murals in Rome, ITALY and London, ENGLAND.


Also, their work has been featured in various exhibits, publications, and reviews.


Daniela was born in Rome, ITALY, passed the State Exam in Architecture there, and received her Architectural degree, specializing in “Monumental Architectonic Restoration” (110/110 with laude) with her emphasis and thesis in Scenography, at the University of “La Sapienza” in Rome, as well. She has also received a diploma in Art and the Technical Restoration of Artistic Mosaics. Her experience also includes work as an assistant set designer at the Opera Theater of Rome, ITALY.


Dominic was born in Salinas, California, received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from San Diego State University, CA, and has work experience as a Civil Engineer and in Construction.

Dominic Panziera & Daniela Garofalo

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