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Mixed Media Mural ”Path”, Brockway Road, Truckee. CA, 2023

Sculpture “Individuality n.1”, Rotating program, Pasadena, CA 2023-26;  Civic Center Sculpture exhibition, Newport Beach, CA, 2020-22
Sculptural Bench “Seven Seas” - 7 Seas Park, Sunnyvale, CA, 2014

3D Mixed Media Mural “Distrazione”, for Boston Properties - Lobby for Macy's Headquarter, San Francisco, CA, 2013
Exterior Mosaic “Raincross” - Main Street Mall; Mosaic Floor “Center Circle of Inclusion” - City Hall, Riverside, CA, 2008
5 Traffic Signal Box Paintings, Reno, NV, 2007
Mixed Media Mural“Tahoe Dreamscape” & Student Wall Plaques - N. Tahoe Middle School, Tahoe City, CA, 2007
Sculptural Bench “Svirgola” - Center Creek Park, Reno, NV, 2006 
Painting “Synergy” for the poster of “Reno is Artown”, Reno, NV, 2006
Entry space MosaicSociety” - Municipal Courthouse, Reno, NV, 2005
Mosaic Designs “Moods and Totem” - Numidio Quadrato Subway station, Rome, ITALY,


New York City, NY, One Columbia SC, 2024; City of Tustin, CA 2024; GSA National Artist Pool, 2024-34; City of Sarasota, FL, 2024-2026

State of MDArts Foundation Tucson and Southern AZ; City Parks, Phoenix, AZ, 2023-25

San Jose, CA - 2022-27; Established Public Artists, Fort Worth, TX; Ocala, FL, 2022

Hertz Recreation, San Francisco, CA, 2021; ArtsWA, 2021-25; Sacramento, CA, 2021-25; San Antonio TX, 2021-23

City of Phoenix Housing Department - Graphic Designers, 2D and 3D Artists - Phoenix, AZ, 2020

LA Metro - Los Angeles, CA; Airport Foundation MSP - Minneapolis, MN; Public Art Artist Roster - Tucson, AZ, 2020

Outdoor public art - Palo Alto, CA, 2016-17

City of El Paso -Texas 2015-2017

National Registry - Atlanta, GA, 2014-15

Alameda Contra Costa County Transit District - Supporting Artist, East Bay BRT Artistic Enhancement Project, Oakland, CA, 2014
Sound Transit’s Art Program, Start - Greater Seattle area, WA, 2013-16
San Francisco, CA 2013-14
City of Ann Arbor - Pre-qualified pool of mural (mosaic and relief) artists, Ann Arbor, MI, 2012-14
Florida Gulf Coast University - Lee County, 2011; Monroe County -  Key West  (2011-16-21-26) FL
Sacramento International Airport -Terminal B Modernization Program, Sacramento, CA 2009-10
City of San Jose – Multiple Projects, San Jose, CA, 2008
City of El Paso - Public Art Program, El Paso, TX, 2007-2008
City of Seattle - Neighborhood Fire Stations Roster, Seattle, WA, 2007
City of Reno - Pool of Qualified Artists for Public Art Projects, Reno, NV, 2007


Pigeon Community Multicultural Development Center project. Waynesville, NC, (currently)

Transit Center Grade Separation and Access project, Mountain View, CA, 2023

Floor Mounted Walkway Mural Laguna Beach; City Hall Lobbies Sunnyvale, CA, 2022

Lounge Annex at Senior & Community Center - Redmond, WA, 2022

Civic Art at Vista Canyon Multi-Modal Center, Santa Clarita, CA; Diggs Town Park - Norfolk, Virginia; Beyer Park - San Diego, CA, 2021

Waterfront Splash Pad  - Scottsdale, AZ, 2020

Civic Center Sculpture Exhibition - Newport Beach, CA, 2020

Blue Ridge Road - Raleigh, NC; Fairmount Avenue Fire Station - San Diego, CA; Jordan Ranch Park, City of Dublin, CA, 2019

University Area Community Library,- Tampa/Hillsborough County, FL, 2017

    Fire Station #3  - Palo Alto, CA, 2016

Renaissance Water Tower - Downtown Fresno, CA, 2015

Four railroad underpasses  - NoMa neighborhood - Washington D.C, 2014

Mosaic Panel - Caserma Cefalonia Corfu` della Guardia di Finanza di Perugia, ITALY, 2012
Sculpture and Mosaic Panel - Wickford Junction Train Station, Providence, RI, 2012
Focal 3-D Installation RFP - City Convention Center, Cedar Rapids, IOWA, 2012
Sculptural Seating - Historic Downtown Business District, Wake Forest, NC, 2012
Outdoor Public Art - Sunrise Mountain Library, Peoria, AR, 2010
2 Exterior Sculptures - Portici, Naples, ITALY, 2009
Mixed Media Mural - Sacred Art Church Public Art Project, Palm Desert, CA 2009
Mosaic Floor - Ice-skating rink, Riverside, CA, 2009
Central Park - Public Art Project SF Bay Area, San Ramon, CA 2009
Juanita Beach Park, Kirkland, WA, 2009
Floor - Shopping Mall, Providence, RI, 2008
East Campbell Ave. - Improvement Project, Campbell, CA, 2008
Citywide - Redevelopment Agency, Long Beach, CA, 2008
Southland Leisure Centre, and Max Bell Arena; Calgary, Alberta, CANADA, 2008
Agriculture, Food and Forestry project, Oklahoma, OK, 2007
Miami-Dade County - Children’s Courthouse, and Metrozoo Amazon & Beyond, Miami, FL, 2007
Animas River -  Rail Mural Project, Durango, CO, 2007
Horizon Park, Reno, NV, 2007
Mosaic Mural - Village Expansion Parking Structure, Claremont, CA, 2006

2010 - present

2010 - present

Sculpture “Perception” - Private Owner Piedmont, CA, 2023

Landscape - Private Owner Corona del Mar, CA, 2020

Fireplace Mosaic “Sun set” and Mixed Media Niche “Aspen tree” - Private Owner, Incline Village, NV, 2012
Pizza Oven Mosaic “Fuoco” - Campo Restaurants, Reno, NV, 2011
Mosaic Floor “About Course” - Private Owner, Truckee, CA, 2008 
House Project - Private Commission, and Sculptures “Kids” - Home Concepts, Truckee, CA, 2004
Mosaic Wall - Chops Restaurant, Sacramento, CA, 2002
Mosaics “Flowing” & “Flower” - Home Concepts, Truckee, CA 2001
Showroom Design - Home Concepts (Interior Design Center), Truckee, CA, 2001-2
Mosaic “Madonna with Child” - Private Owner, Corona Del Mar, CA, 2000
Portrait of the Rectore - Angelicum University, and Painted Furniture - Private Owners, Rome, ITALY, 1997
Landscape Painting - firm of Kemble-Mantheakis, London, UK, 1993
Scenographic Paintings - Teatro Centrale, Rome, ITALY, 1992
10 Murals - Piano Bar Saint Vincent, Via del Lavatore 36, Rome, ITALY, 1988

Community Art Center*, Truckee, CA, 2022-24     

Piper J Gallery; Truckee, CA,  2022

Gallery 5830Truckee, CA, 2021

Burning Man and Reno Sculpture Fest, Reno, NV, 2006

Community Recreational Center: “Portraits of a Community”, Truckee, CA, 2011, 2013   

  Rock Studio, Reno, NV, 2006

    *Stal Tre Hus, Truckee, CA, 2003

  Home Concepts - TTL, Truckee, CA, 2002-17

     *The Jon Paul Gallery, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 2000

Daniela’ s SELECTED EXHIBITIONS (*Solo Shows)
*, Truckee, CA, 2017-23   

Frames by Ryrie; North Tahoe Arts, Tahoe City, CA, 2004

  Piazza di Spagna - Subway, Rome, ITALY2001 

Connections Gallery - Sausalito, CA; A Piece of Art, Berkeley, CA, 2000  

  Walton Contemporary Art - London, UK,1999

   “Arte Metro Roma”, Mosaic design drawings in the Galleria Comunale di Arte Contemporanea di Roma. Mosaics decorate the Numidio Quadrato subway station; Tartaruga GalleryRome, ITALY, 1998 

    *Palazzo Romano, *Congressi Palace, Mosaic for the “C.I.S.L. National Congress”, Rome, ITALY, 1992

    Vic. dei Serpenti Gallery: “Four Painters” - Rome, ITALY, 1987

    Cathedral Square, Spoleto, ITALY, 1986

    Castle Square, C. Ritaldi, ITALY*Forum Interart Gallery; Valentini Palace; Antitesi Gallery, Rome, ITALY, 1985

    *Il Minotauro Gallery; Valentini Palace; Manieri Gallery: “Man and Sport”; Cenci Palace; Barberini Palace; Manieri Gallery: “Sacred Art”; Rumania  Academy: “Italian and Rumanian Painters”;

Circ. Cult. Il Didattito; Manieri Gallery: “Animals in Art”; *Il Minotauro Gallery; Auditorium Antoniano, Rome, ITALY, 1984

    Manieri Gallery: “Women in Art”; Foyer des Artistes, Rome, ITALY, 1983

Daniela’ s AWARDS & HONORS
Winner of the Dottorato di Ricerca dell’Ordine degli Architetti di Roma e Provincia - Opera Theatre of Rome, ITALY, 2001
Winner of the European Competition for Young Artists: “Arte Metro Roma”, Rome, ITALY, 1998
First Prize “Arte Orizzontale” - Cathedral Square, Spoleto, ITALY, 1997
First Prize “Painting on the Asphalt” - Castle Square, C. Ritaldi, ITALY, 1985
First Prize “Promesse nell’Arte” - Il Minotauro Gallery, Rome, ITALY, 1984
First Prize “Quale Europa” - Circ. Cult Il Dibattito, Rome, ITALY, 1984

Daniela’ s EDUCATION
Assistant Set Designer - the Opera Theater of Rome, ITALY, 2002
Registered Architect, Rome, ITALY, 1999
Architectural Degree, specializing in “Monumental Architectonic Restoration” (110/110 with laude)
Thesis in Scenography: “Theatre and Scenography in Italy. The Farnese Theatre of Parma. Scenography for
L’Enfant et les Sortileges (music by Ravel, Libretto by Colette)”. University “La Sapienza”, Rome, ITALY, 1996
Diploma in Restoration of Artistic Mosaics - Centro di Formazione Professionale I.A.L. C.I.S.L., Rome, ITALY, 1991
Diploma in Art - Institute S. Orsola, Rome, ITALY, 1983

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, - San Diego - State University, CA, 1988
GIS I - University of Nevada, Reno, NV, 2011
GPS for GIS - Sierra College, Truckee, CA, 2011
Metal Art - Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, NV, 2006
Carpenter - Ken Panziera Construction, Truckee, CA, 1999-2002
Civil Engineer - JWA Consulting Engineers, South Lake Tahoe, NV, 1990-1995
Professional Triathlete, San Diego, Lake Tahoe, CA, 1988-1989
Private Contractor - Pedi-cab operator, San Diego, CA, 1985-1987
Farm Equipment Operator and Laborer - Grow-Art, Salinas, CA 1979-1982
Laborer - Ausinio Construction, Castroville, CA 1978

Dominic Panziera & Daniela Garofalo

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